Engineering Division


We have an Engineering Division equipped with the most sophisticated design equipment (CAD/CAM 2D and 3D) and the creation of customized products in silver and other metals on request.

In this division, highly specialized technicians evaluate the feasibility of the most varied requests, based on a file, drawing, photo or other.

We are equipped with production systems aimed at the needs of each customer and the mechanical-chemical production makes use of these services:

Three-axis milling CNC machining up to 36,000 rpm with max. 600x1000mm;

CNC turning operations max. 300x800mm;

Cutting and machining with a wire electro-erosion system with guaranteed centesimal precision and a minimum radius of 0.2 mm;

Brazing works on silver and other metals on request.



La.Met has a chemical-metallurgical laboratory that carries out chemical analyzes with volumetric potentiometric titration and spectroscopy for inductively coupled plasma optical emission.

We carry out checks on products using microhardness tests, traction and drawing. The set of controls is completed by dimensional tests.

Our laboratory allows us to monitor all processes and products developed in the various company areas, thanks to the following cutting-edge technologies:

Tecnolabor HNVS – 1000DX hardness tester
Olympus metallographic microscope
Erichsen 129 deep drawing testing machine
ATS FAAR TC1000 dynamometer
Lapidello ATEC LA 230
Tabletop MSC assay cupellation oven
Vertical melting oven for thermal cycle testing with 10 kg silite rods

Chemical analysis equipment at our disposal:

KEM volumetric potentiometric titrator
METTLER G20S Compact volumetric potentiometric titrator
Fischer X-RAY XAN 222 titrator
METTLER AT250 laboratory balance
AGILENT 5800 inductively coupled plasma optical emission spectroscopy.


We offer a trading service for fine silver aimed at operators in the sector. At any time we are able to provide the “spot” quote or a price based on the daily London fixing (LME).
The company has a service for the purchase of silverware and processing residues, specifically direct to commercial activities and to producers of silver products.
The purchase price of the metal is very competitive and directly correlated to the trend in the international price of silver. The rapidity of the material analysis and titration service allows us to quickly define the value of your silver.
The department equipped with smelting furnaces and with an electrolytic refining plant allows our customers to deliver silver scraps of any kind. (clean scraps of sheet/shapes, scrap with solders, scrap of bilaminate, silver processing shavings, silver powders, etc.)

Upon request

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